Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Update - Tuesday Night

Thank you to all of you for reading Mary's blog. We were happy to report this afternoon that her surgery went well and she was doing fine. Late this afternoon we had a bit of a scary moment. Ryan had just left to get us dinner and Mary started desatting. The nurses and rapid response team came in to help her - to be honest it was VERY scary!! They started her on oxygen and moved us right away to the PCCU. An x-ray shows some pretty bad atalectisis of her right lung. The doctors said they can't even hear breathing sounds on her right side. So, we are starting to step up her treatments and see how things go. She is currently stable on 30% oxygen and took a little nap. Ryan and I had to leave because it is shift change - we are anxious to get back in there.

We appreciate all the prayers for Mary and thank you all for continuing them. We will update when we can.


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Jan said...

Hope things are going better today and praying for a speedy recovery. As always, our prayers our with you. Keep strong!
Love to all & especially Mary
Nell & Jan