Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mary is a Trooper!!!

We are SO happy to say that Mary's surgery went great!!! It took about 2 hours, which is what we expected, but it was nerve racking!! She got a G-tube (feeding tube in her tummy) with a Mic-Key button and a Nissen (prevents reflux from the stomach to the esophagus). She also came out of intubation just fine (that is what we were most worried about). They said she was so strong and brave. She didn't cry very much, if at all. She has 4 little tiny cuts in her tummy which will hopefully heal quickly and then in a few weeks Mary will be back to her normal routine of swimming, going for walks with mommy, and playing with her dog Sam! She is doing very well right now and is watching a Baby Einstien. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for her. Continue to pray that her recovery goes well and that we get to go home soon!

Ryan and Kate


Jan said...

We are ecstatic to hear that Mary's surgery went so well! Give her a kiss from all us here in Canada and love to you all.
Thank you God for watching over Mary and continue to bless Ryan, Kate and especially Mary with your love and strength. We are praying that Mary will be soon well enough to go home.
Love, from the Whitcher family & Nell

Jennifer said...

Hip, hip, hooray!! We are so happy things went well! You are all remarkable - and we hope each day goes smoothly so you can come home soon!!

Jen, Brad, Kylie, Neela & Cy

Cindy & Ed said...

Thanks be to God! We have been praying for all of you every day. We are so happy all went well.

Love, Cindy & Ed

Grandma Julie said...

Again,Thanks be to God! Hoping that your next days go very smoothly. Hope you all get plenty of rest. Love to all! Grandma and Grandpa