Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

Hi everyone!! I know it's been a while since we've updated the blog - we've been very busy with learning Mary's new feedings, putting our house on the market, planning for Mary's upcoming birthday and getting ready for Ryan's change of command. After next week things should settle down a bit!

Mary had a very fun day yesterday playing with her dear friend Emma. They shared toys, laughed, played with Sam and watched a movie together!

Emma was very concerned with Mary's hair and wanted it to look just right for any pictures!

She's a stylist at heart!!

We will be posting more next week as we have a very busy week with lots of excitement. We hope everyone is doing well and please continue to pray for all the children in the hospital and who are not feeling well - we hope everyone gets better soon!!


Amber said...

What you are moving, where?

Jon and Amber

Jan said...

My goodness, you do have a lot going on! I'm glad you had fun with your friend Emma and she did a very nice job with your hair - you look lovely! We will all be thinking about you on your birthday. One year old! Have a very happy birthday & and we send you lots of hugs and kisses along with our best wishes. Love to your mommy and daddy & Sam & Copper too.
Love, Jan, Nell and the Whitcher family

Jennifer said...

I second Amber's comment -- we had no idea you guys were moving!

Jen, Brad, Kylie & Neela

redfirekat said...

nice furniture.