Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mary is Home!!!!

Great News . . . Mary got to come home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon!!
She was SO excited she smiled the WHOLE ride home from the hospital. Then later that night, Sam and Copper came home from visiting Katie, Emma, and Eloise. Mary was SO excited to see her dog Sam, she giggled with delight!! Mary got a bunch of valentines from her friends. Here is a picture of her with all of the valentines she received. She had fun opening all of the valentines with Mommy and Daddy.
Mom and Dad are trying to adjust to Mary's new feeding schedule. It seems like all we do now is feed her. But we are glad the Mary got her G-tube and made it through the surgery OK. Thanks again to all of you who have been praying for her.
The latest news is Ryan's unit is planning a huge SMA fundraiser in Mary's honor!! It is going to be a 5K/10K run/walk and a 25 and 50 mile bike race. We are still working out the date and most of the details, but it will probably be in April. We will post more details as soon as they are known!
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Grandpa Bill said...

Happy V-Day for Mary. She looks lilke shie happy to me home. I hope Kate and Ryan can get some rest. How is Martha doing?

Love Grandpa Bill

Jane and Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace!

We're so glad you are back at home with your Mom and Dad, and Sam and Copper! You look very pleased with all your Valentines cards (we hope ours got/gets there in time). Please say hi and give our love to your Mom and Dad, your Grandma Martha, and Sam and Copper (and anybody else you feel like!), and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Love, Jane and Bill

Jennifer said...

It's great to see Mary will be celebrating her 1st Valentine's Day at home! She looks very happy - and must have lots of friends with all those cards!! I hope Mom & Dad are able to sleep a little easier in their own bed, too! Happy Valentine's Day, Mary!!

Love, Kylie & Neela

Jan said...

Dear Mary:
We are so glad that you are home! We have been thinking about you and saying a little prayer for you every day.
I know you will have an especially happy Valentine's Day now that you are back in your own house.
Hugs & Kisses from Jan, Nell & all the Whitchers

Amber said...

Mary we are so glad to hear that you are home!! It is so nice to see that big smile on her face....YEAH!

Jon & Amber

Grandma Julie said...

What a cute picture! Happy 1st Valentine's day, Mary! Have fun with Sam. I wish I was there to read your valentines. Did it feel good to sleep in your own room? Love and Kisses Grandma and Grandpa

Rebecca said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mary!...and everyone else. We are so glad that you are back at home and enjoying a visit from your Grandma Martha!
Rebecca, Brad and Addison