Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mary in UMDNJ hospital again....

Many of you probably already know, but Mary was emergency intubated last night and taken to the PICU in Newark. (same room # and address as below in blog)
She has been doing really well since her illness last month. She was still on her antibiotic treatment but had been healthy, and back to school, no fever or secretions, etc. So Kate and I decided to go to dinner together, which we haven't done in several months. We stayed local, only a mile from the house, we were done with dinner and going to stop by a friends house on the way home when we saw the fire trucks go racing up our hill. Our babysitter called at the same time and our worst nightmare was realized. We were just a few blocks away, we raced home to a yard full of emergency vehicles. initially the MPs wouldn't let us in the house, because they didn't believe we were the parents, despite all of our neighbors telling them we were. Had to resist the urge to take him out. Litterally.
Walked in mary's room to a bad scene, purple, no pulse ox hooked up, no O2 being used, which it should have been.....

Started bagging, got her up to 100%. Moved to Keller ER (4 blocks away). Anesthesiologist tried to intubated, failed, lots of blood, trama to airway... Got it the second time....ugly. stat flight arrived. We put her in the helicopter, I climbed in front seat, waiting for pilot to crank, ..... Nothing. Dead battery.
Jumped in Ambulance and drove to Newark.

Mary is stable and responding to us now. She is still intubated.

We don't really know what happened last night, because she had been fine. We are both kind of beating out selves up about leaving since we never leave her alone without one of us there.

Please pray for a quick and full recovery.