Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mary in UMDNJ hospital again....

Many of you probably already know, but Mary was emergency intubated last night and taken to the PICU in Newark. (same room # and address as below in blog)
She has been doing really well since her illness last month. She was still on her antibiotic treatment but had been healthy, and back to school, no fever or secretions, etc. So Kate and I decided to go to dinner together, which we haven't done in several months. We stayed local, only a mile from the house, we were done with dinner and going to stop by a friends house on the way home when we saw the fire trucks go racing up our hill. Our babysitter called at the same time and our worst nightmare was realized. We were just a few blocks away, we raced home to a yard full of emergency vehicles. initially the MPs wouldn't let us in the house, because they didn't believe we were the parents, despite all of our neighbors telling them we were. Had to resist the urge to take him out. Litterally.
Walked in mary's room to a bad scene, purple, no pulse ox hooked up, no O2 being used, which it should have been.....

Started bagging, got her up to 100%. Moved to Keller ER (4 blocks away). Anesthesiologist tried to intubated, failed, lots of blood, trama to airway... Got it the second time....ugly. stat flight arrived. We put her in the helicopter, I climbed in front seat, waiting for pilot to crank, ..... Nothing. Dead battery.
Jumped in Ambulance and drove to Newark.

Mary is stable and responding to us now. She is still intubated.

We don't really know what happened last night, because she had been fine. We are both kind of beating out selves up about leaving since we never leave her alone without one of us there.

Please pray for a quick and full recovery.



Shawn Tenace said...

Dear Ryan, Kate, Mary, and little man,
You are all in our prayers here at JSS Umm Saah in Iraq. Ryan and Kate, don't beat yourselves up, you are both amazing parents and need to spend time with one another. I can't believe how wonderful parents you are, how committed to Mary you are, how God has blessed you with this time. You know Mary better than any other parent knows their children and that is a beautiful gift. "If you pray for something, believe you shall receive it, and you shall have it." Tonight, we will hold a prayer session here, for Mary. God bless you! V/R Shawn Tenace

Sue O'Neill (Casey and Colin's Mom) said...

So, so sorry guys. Please don't beat yourselves up about this--(I mean it, but I know you still probably will, because Gene and I have "been there, done that" as well." You two are incredible parents and I love your beautiful family! I'll be checking for updates! Hugs and prayers.

Veronica's mom said...

We are praying hard for Mary. I am so sorry this happened but please don't beat yourselves up. You do an amazing job with Mary, she is strong and resilient and she will be fine (long before you guys will!) Hang in there and know that so many are pulling and praying for you all.

CureSMA4Stella said...

Oh you guys . . . I can just visualize that scene because I've been there, done that too . . . I know you well enough to know you will beat yourselves up but you did what you thought was right and I stand by you because I know you are such diligent parents. We love you so much and Miss Mary is so close to our hearts! We will continue to pray for complete recovery from it all. God's blessings be with all of you! I'm so sorry :(

Amy said...

Dear Kate, Ryan, Mary & Jackson,

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always, but more so since last night.

We will continue to pray that the Good Lord will keep holding you and your family in his hands and take great care of you all.

Kate & Ryan,

PLEASE don't beat yourself up for trying to have a nice night out as a couple. I knew the two of you WAY before marriage and kiddos came into place and you need to have that time with one another to strengthen your relationship. When I'm praying I'm going to pray that you forgive yourselves, because I know that that 2 of you won't, for a very long time. You 2 have been wonderful, devoted and loving parents to Mary & Jackson. You also need time for yourselves as well. Please don't be so hard on yourselves.

And, good thing you didn't take out the MP. We wouldn't want to have to bail you out of jail today too.

Prayers for the Nelson family are coming your way!

Love, Amy, David, McKenna, Emma & Teddy Hale

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mary, what a traumatic experience for you all. I have reservations about leaving my son without one of us because of his health problems so I can only imagine how awful last night was for you. We will pray for Mary and of course for you guys, too. Please don't beat yourseleves up too much.

Ella Karen said...

Ohh.. my heart just lost a beat reading this. I truelly hope Mary will get better soon.
Like so many have said Mary is such a strong girl and she has you to thank for that. Never forget that. My hopes and thoghts go out to you brave family and Mary wariorprincess.

jesse said...

We are so sorry to hear about Mary. Dont be so hard on yourselves, if any parents need some time to each other its you two. We will pray for a fast recovery for Mary and some relief for you all. Please let us know if we can help in anyway.

The Bransons

Grandma Julie said...

Have been praying for all of you since we heard last night. Mary lives up to her verse-strong and courageous. Forgive yourselves, forgive any and all who tried to help and failed. Praising God already for His saving grace, she will heal in the power of His love. Praying for all of you. Hope that Martha or friends could take Jackson out for trick-or-treating. Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Kate and Ryan -

We are praying for continued strength for Mary, your relationship, and family. We admire and respect your tireless devotion to Mary and Jackson. You both are truly inspirational - please do not forget that.

You remain in our thoughts and prayers - Kate, Nate and CJ

Monnica said...

I've hade those moments and they just about stop your heart. I wish I could give you a huge hug and soften some of those images.

I'm so glad she's doing well in the hospital.

Prayers and hugs.

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers. Many times our son, Jonathan and granddaughter have gone through challenging, urgent medical emergencies. We look forward to Mary back in your arms, smiling and being herself again soon.

Hayden's Grampa

liz said...

Oh, Kate, how awful! Please, please don't torture yourself for spending time out with Ryan. You need time together to keep close and strong. Our prayers are with all of you. Give Mary a gentle kiss for us.

Teri Taylor, grandma to Charleston said...

I saw this posted on facebook. We, too, are an SMA family. I'm so sorry that this happened to Mary, especially while you guys were out. I won't even try to say don't beat yourselves up, because I know you are.....but be grateful that you did get there in time and that you still have your beautiful baby this morning. Love on her every second, as I know you do. I'll be praying.

Tammy K said...

Dear Mary's Family,
your in my prayers and thoughts. It sounds like almost everything that could go wrong, did. Be strong, take care of yourselves and know that God will not give you more than you can bear.

Leilani, Vuki, Bo, Ane, and Jocelyn Tangitau said...

Our hearts ache for you all. Try to remove the guilt and pain from your hearts and replace them with joy and peace of conscience. With time, we will feel the anguish of our sorrow subside, taking “away the guilt from our hearts” and bringing “peace of conscience.” Your family will be in our family prayers daily. Mary is blessed with such loving and amazing parents. Where there is great love there are always miracles.
God Bless,

Leilani, Vuki, Bo, Ane, and Jocelyn Tangitau