Monday, November 1, 2010

A Special Visitor!

Mary received a special visitor yesterday! Her grandma Martha flew in from Michigan to help out with Jackson. It was a big pick me up for Mary to see her grandma! She brought her the brand new Tinkerbell movie, which was great, because Mary wanted to be Tinkerbell for halloween. She has watched it 3 times already!

From Drop Box

Special thanks for Martha for dropping everything and flying in to help out. She is always willing to do so, and we are very grateful.

We would like to ask everyone to keep praying for Mary. The plan is to extubate today as long as things continue to go well.


Vincent Gaynor said...

YAY for Grandma Martha!!!!!! You are a Rockstar!!! We love you Mary Nelson :)

Anonymous said...

You're an amazing girl, little Miss Mary. I wish I had one ounce of your strength.
Hugs & prayers,
Amy (& Murphy)

The Sykora Clan said...

What a happy surprise. We will pray for a success today. Keep us posted and we'll keep on sending love and prayers.

Jumaana Syed Ali said...

Our prayers are with little brave Mary. God Bless.