Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disney World Trip!!!

We all had an amazing trip to Disney World, but it was especially special for little Mary! There were so many amazing things she was able to do and I think she made memories that will last a lifetime! A special thanks goes out to Make-a-Wish of Hudson Valley and to Give Kids the World Village! These two organizations made our trip and our stay extra special. There are so many things to tell about . . . , Mary got to meet all of the Disney Characters, most importantly, her favorite; Tigger! She even got to have a private Tea Party with him!!
We took over 1200 pictures, so it would take a while to post them all (and view them for that matter) so I'm going to break them up a little:

Here are some of our favorites from the trip:
Just click on the link below the photo to see the rest of the album:
From Cropped Photos

Here are some pictures from Sea World. . . absolutely amazing, Mary instantly fell in love with Shamu and got to feed and pet the Dolphins:
From Sea World

The Animal Kingdom, Mary had all of her relatives come with us this day, including, Grandma and Grandma W, her cousin Billy, aunts and uncles, Bill, Amo, Angie, and Jason, and her Great Aunt Nellie!
From Animal Kingdom

Here is a link to Mary's extra special "Tea Party with Tigger!" This absolutely made her trip! Mary was smiles all day!
From Tea with Tigger

The same day as the tea party, Mary also got to meet all of the Pixie Fairies, AND all of the Disney Princesses!
From Magic Kingdom

Lastly, Mary had an amazing time at the Give Kids the World Village! Mary loved riding the trains there and doing all of the other fully accessible activities. This place it absolutely amazing!! Mary even got to go fishing and catch her first fish... a large mouth Bass!!-- That was fun for Dad too!!!
From GKTW Village

We need to upload some video as well. And maybe Kate can post about our RV adventure on the way back!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Countdown to Disney World!!!

As some of you may know, Mary was recently granted a Make-a-Wish. Make-a-Wish is an amazing foundation that grants wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Well, they came out to the house a few months ago, and after some careful thought, Mary decided that she wanted to go meet Tigger at Disney World!

Last Saturday, Susan and Anthony from our local Make-a-Wish chapter came back out to tell Mary about her trip. Mary is SO excited!! Here are some pictures from the visit:

Mary looking at the HUGE Tigger in the Wish basket from Make-a-Wish:

Mary posing with Susan and Anthony from Make-a-Wish, she is still in her PJ's since she had been under the weather and decided to sleep in.

It was SO cute, Mary had been sick and unwilling to come off of Bipap for more than a few minutes all week, but with they showed up, she came off of Bipap and said, "I am feeling much better, I think I am ready to go to Disney World!"

Mary in awe of all her new Tigger friends:

My FAVORITE picture, that smile says it all:

Mary eating dinner with her "Big Tigger" later that night (yes, she is still in her PJ's, or what she like to call her "Elmo Pa-Jammies".

Well, we leave on Saturday and a driving down to Florida in a 30 foot RV!! We will try to keep to all posted on the progress of the trip and post lots of photos from Disney! Please pray that everyone remains healthy for the trip!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mary's 33 Month Birthday and Thanksgiving

Sticking with the Cookie Monster theme from Halloween, Mary had a Cookie Monster cake for her 33 month birthday. She also had her Aunt Angie and Uncle Jason in town, visiting for Thanksgiving. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the weekend:

I call this one: "Jason stole my milk and I drank his beer!!"
From December

I call this one: "Pull my finger!!"
From December

Mary and Daddy ready to eat Thanksgiving Dinner:
From December

Mary and Mommy:
From December

Look how tall Mary is getting:
From December

Mary baking cookies with Angie:
From December

The Cookie Monster Cake:

Angie and Jason with Mary before she blew out the candle:

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween on Sesame Street!

Mary and Jackson had a great Halloween! Mary wanted very badly to be Elmo and she wanted Jackson to be Cookie Monster! The two made a great pair! Dad stayed up all night making Sesame Street signs for Mary's cart. They turned out pretty good.

Elmo and Cookie Monster:
From October

Mary and Caleb (sans front tooth!)
From October

Mommy was supposed to be Oscar the Grouch:
From October

From October

From October

Notice the cookie crumbs on his fur. . .
From October

Notice the beautiful fall leaves and the invisible kid running mach1 in the center of the picture:
From October

My buddy Joe Dirte:
From October

Our neighborhood crew:
From October

Cookie and Yoda!
From October

Love this one:
From October

Mary and her buddy Caleb:
From October

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cheerleader Mary

Mary had an exciting weekend of cheering on Army football and Rugby. First she got to go to a tailgate at Ryan's boss's house. She had a great time and got to show off her new cheerleader outfit!

Mary and Daddy getting welcomed to "The Department with the Heart":

We also went to a Rugby game on Sunday, and Mary and Jackson had a great time, here are some pictures:

Mary was more interested in playing with her buddy Caleb than watching rugby. . .

Jackson with Mommy and Jo:


Jackson and Daddy:

Mary tickling Caleb:

A shot of the new field, nice eh?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! We look forward to many more adventures here at West Point this fall!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Angie and Jason visit!!!

We had a great visit this weekend from Mary and Jackson's aunt and uncle, Angie and Jason! They also brought the dogs, Bella and Britta. They came up on Saturday and came to see Mary in the hospital, Mary was VERY excited to have visitors. Luckily she also got to go home on Saturday afternoon as well. Mary just fell in love with her aunt Angie, and really enjoyed reading books and playing with her. Here are some pictures from the visit:

Mary and "Baby Jackson":

Mary was being so goofy, it was cracking all of us up. . . you can see Angie laughing!!!

Jason telling Jackson a hunting story, I'm sure: