Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disney World Trip!!!

We all had an amazing trip to Disney World, but it was especially special for little Mary! There were so many amazing things she was able to do and I think she made memories that will last a lifetime! A special thanks goes out to Make-a-Wish of Hudson Valley and to Give Kids the World Village! These two organizations made our trip and our stay extra special. There are so many things to tell about . . . , Mary got to meet all of the Disney Characters, most importantly, her favorite; Tigger! She even got to have a private Tea Party with him!!
We took over 1200 pictures, so it would take a while to post them all (and view them for that matter) so I'm going to break them up a little:

Here are some of our favorites from the trip:
Just click on the link below the photo to see the rest of the album:
From Cropped Photos

Here are some pictures from Sea World. . . absolutely amazing, Mary instantly fell in love with Shamu and got to feed and pet the Dolphins:
From Sea World

The Animal Kingdom, Mary had all of her relatives come with us this day, including, Grandma and Grandma W, her cousin Billy, aunts and uncles, Bill, Amo, Angie, and Jason, and her Great Aunt Nellie!
From Animal Kingdom

Here is a link to Mary's extra special "Tea Party with Tigger!" This absolutely made her trip! Mary was smiles all day!
From Tea with Tigger

The same day as the tea party, Mary also got to meet all of the Pixie Fairies, AND all of the Disney Princesses!
From Magic Kingdom

Lastly, Mary had an amazing time at the Give Kids the World Village! Mary loved riding the trains there and doing all of the other fully accessible activities. This place it absolutely amazing!! Mary even got to go fishing and catch her first fish... a large mouth Bass!!-- That was fun for Dad too!!!
From GKTW Village

We need to upload some video as well. And maybe Kate can post about our RV adventure on the way back!!


Sky said...

what a wonderful trip, it looks like she had the best time

Mary said...

LOVE all the photos! Looks like a great time! Hugs!

Grandma Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your great pictures. We are so happy that all of you had such a wonderful trip and thankful for those special times with Tigger, and the fairies and princesses. Glad you got to meet Shamu! So happy that everyone stayed healthy. Looks like everyone was having a great time.
Love Grandma and Grandpa

Scott said...

Hi Mary,

Looks like had a great time at Disney World, that is fantastic. I amd looking forward to taking my children in April. The guys and I here at Station 12 think of you often and miss your visits to see the fire trucks. Keep having all those adventures, and say hello to your Mom and Dad and Jackson for us.

All the best,

Scott Keim

The Ribaul Family said...

Hey, guys!! I'm glad to see that the kids are doing so well. It looks like y'all had a great trip to Disney World!!
I haven't been successful with sending any emails lately, so I feel like I've lost touch.

b0910442009 said...

Am so glad you have such a great time at Disney World! What fun for you, Jackson, Mom and Dad. Love to check your blog and see what's up! Lots of Love, Cindy

Jane & Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace! – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you have had a wonderful day and that you and your Mom and Dad and Little Brother are all doing well! Saw the snaps from your trip to Disney World, etc. – WOW!!! We’re so glad you got to go, and that you had such a wonderful and fun time! Well, you take care and give everybody there our love and a big hug, and a big sloppy wet Happy Birthday kiss for you, too! Love, Jane & Bill

liz said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The kiddos are getting SOOOO big!

Jan said...

Dear Mary:

Looks like you had a great trip and you have been very busy! Your 3rd birthday is fast approaching and I know you will have a wonderful party. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. It's fun to read your blog and catch up with all your news. Love to all the Nelson family.

Love, Jan & the Whitcher family