Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Bull Pond . . .

So it is mid-June and it has been SO long since we've updated Mary's blog or the website,, so he is a quick update!

Mary has been extremely busy this summer!  She started off the summer by playing baseball! Her team is the Pirates and Mary was super excited to get started.  For the opening day, Kate and I had decided not to take Mary in her Powerchair, because we wanted to get a feel for things... well, Mary woke up that morning and said, "I get to play in my powerchair, right?" She was determined to do it, and we all know that when Mary is determined to do anything, there is no changing her mind!!!  So, she got her way:

The summer, we've also had lots of trips to the zoo and spent many days in the backyard, swinging and playing in our new pool!

This past weekend, Mary's Grandparents came in from Michigan and her cousins came all the way from TEXAS to join us at the lake cabin we had rented.  Here are some of our favorite pictures from the weekend: