Sunday, February 28, 2010

MaryTurns 3!!!!!!!!!

Our little girl turned 3 today!!! She is such an amazing little miracle and we are so proud of her for becoming a big girl! She will even start school soon!! Because of the 2+ FEET of SNOW! Most of her family could not make it into town, because flights into New York were canceled. We also couldn't have the party at the West Point Train Station, because they hadn't dug it out yet! So we had a "Bee" Party at home and it turned out great. Mary had all of her little friends there and even a few special surprises! (see pictures below)

Mary drawing with her friends...

look at the concentration!!


Mary's first special surprise, her friend Sophia, who turned 1 yesterday, came all the way up from Long Island to see Mary for her birthday!!  It was so special to see her and Mary just loved playing with her and showing her all of her special toys!!

Sophia and Mary holding hands...

sweet smiles!!

And here is the 2nd big surprise . . . ELMO!!!!!

more smiles!!!

and TIGGER!!!!!

Limbo daddy!!

the family!

Mary, Mommy, and Tigger!!

Mary's best buddy Caleb with Elmo and Tigger

Big Smiles!!!

Elmo and Tigger with Sophia. . ..

Jackson even joined in the fun, and he wasn't even scared of him this time. . .

Josie watching Mary open her present. . .

Mary talking to Sophia. . .

Lastly, Jackson showing off for the ladies. .  . .