Thursday, December 10, 2009

Countdown to Disney World!!!

As some of you may know, Mary was recently granted a Make-a-Wish. Make-a-Wish is an amazing foundation that grants wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Well, they came out to the house a few months ago, and after some careful thought, Mary decided that she wanted to go meet Tigger at Disney World!

Last Saturday, Susan and Anthony from our local Make-a-Wish chapter came back out to tell Mary about her trip. Mary is SO excited!! Here are some pictures from the visit:

Mary looking at the HUGE Tigger in the Wish basket from Make-a-Wish:

Mary posing with Susan and Anthony from Make-a-Wish, she is still in her PJ's since she had been under the weather and decided to sleep in.

It was SO cute, Mary had been sick and unwilling to come off of Bipap for more than a few minutes all week, but with they showed up, she came off of Bipap and said, "I am feeling much better, I think I am ready to go to Disney World!"

Mary in awe of all her new Tigger friends:

My FAVORITE picture, that smile says it all:

Mary eating dinner with her "Big Tigger" later that night (yes, she is still in her PJ's, or what she like to call her "Elmo Pa-Jammies".

Well, we leave on Saturday and a driving down to Florida in a 30 foot RV!! We will try to keep to all posted on the progress of the trip and post lots of photos from Disney! Please pray that everyone remains healthy for the trip!


Mary said...

Have a great time!

Diane said...

I'm so excited for all of you! What a great benefit from Make A Wish....
Diane Healy

Grandma Julie said...

We have been praying that you will have a wonderful Disney trip. God will be with you the whole time. Those make-a-wish people are incredible, they think of everything. They make it so special for you. God bless them and all of you

jenandbrad said...

A little belated - but this is amazing! We know you're having fun from the Facebook posts, and can't wait to see the pictures! We hope you're Daddy and Mommy had fun driving that BIG RV!

Jane & Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace! We just wanted to wish you, and your Mom and Dad and Little Brother, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you have some snow (not too much, though!) for a pretty Christmas Day. We heard your Grandma Martha and Grandpa Bill are going to be there with you too, so please wish them Happy Holidays from us too! And give everybody our love! By the time you get this, we assume you’ll have had your Make-A-Wish trip – we hope you had a GREAT time with Tigger and all his friends! And you’ve got another birthday coming up – Happy 34th, Mary!!!
Love, Jane & Bill

Donna said...

Hello mary, i wrote this long note to you and some how it disappeared when i went to send it. Sorry. it was a good note. Basically, I miss you and i love you.Tell mom to take some pictures of SAM the man.He is part of the family too. You have a good time at disney land. give tigger a big kiss for me. say hello to mickey and minnie and pluto and goofy and elmo and pooh and my best friend eeyrore.Donna