Friday, November 5, 2010

Nervous Anticipation

First, thanks to EVERYONE who sent videos! Mary absolutely loves watching them! You should see her face light up and her smile (even with a tube in her mouth!!) when she watches them. She likes to show them off to the nurses and doctors when they come in.

Another fun moment tonight, Mary called her little brother Jackson and put him on speakerphone, we sung the "I wanna ride on a fire truck" with him. Both he and Mary really enjoyed singing it and Mary really liked hearing from her brother, she especially liked it when he said "I wove you Mimi!" (picture a 2 year old talking). I wish this hospital had wifi, I would love to see them Skype with each other!

OK, so now for the update: the plan is to extubate around 10:00 tomorrow. Kate and I are a little bit nervous, because of what happened last time we exutbated with the seizures, and the risk of them happening again. However we are very hopeful that they will not return. Mary is definitely ready to get the tube out, it seemed to really be bothering her today and she even told us that is was hurting her, which is unusual for Mary. She is such a strong little girl.

So our request for tonight is that everyone continue to pray for Mary (we know you will). But specifically pray for her strength tomorrow during the procedure and pray for her to remain seizure free, pray for her lungs to remain clear once extubated, and pray for her beautiful little voice to return!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and prayers!

R and K


Jeannie said...

Prayers and love

Jeannie Costanzo

Jan said...

We are all praying for Mary's continue recovery. Hope the procedure went well this morning. Love to you all.