Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mary Update & CHALLENGE!!

Hey everybody! We wanted to update you all on Mary, I know lots of people have been checking in to see how she is doing, sorry if we don't get a chance to return calls or e-mails right away. We stay pretty busy doing her treatments and arguing with doctors. . . long story from today. Anyway, Mary is still on her BiPAP with some oxygen full time. We are trying to wean her off of it, but the doctors are reluctant because her right lung is still showing some collapse on the x-ray and she isn't really moving air through it very well. We have stepped up her compression and cough treatments to every 3 hours, which is good. Unfortunately we had to convince the doctors to let us do that as well, but it is really what she needs.
We also had to move her IV from her leg up to her wrist because her leg was getting very swollen from the IV nutrition going in for so long. So we pray that the vein in her wrist will be strong enough.
They started feeding her a little Pedialite through her G-tube today, but decided to wait until tomorrow to do anymore.
Lastly, we weren't able to get a sleep room tonight, so Kate and I will be taking turns napping on the fold out chair in Mary's room. Oh, its going to be another long night.

SO . . . now for the challenge!
Ok, so there is this cool site where you can send an e-card to Mary in the hospital. The really cool part about it is, you send an e-card, but the hospital actually prints it out so we have hang it on her door. So the challenge is . . . we want to COVER Mary's door with them!!!
So her is the link to the site:

The directions are pretty self-explanatory. But you will need the following information:
Patient’s name: Mary N (fill in the full last name if you know it, most of you do)
Room Number: 5525

Thanks again and keep up the prayers! It is amazing how people all over the world are praying for Mary!


Grandma Julie said...

God bless every moment of every day, Mary. God bless your very loving parents. His strength to all of you. Thanking Him already for your healing. Love Grandma and Grandpa

Jan said...

Dear Mary - I said a little prayer for you this morning that today would be a better day. I hope your mommy & daddy got some rest and that you are getting stronger every day. As always, you are in my thoughts & prayers.
Love, Jan
P.S. If there are any things that we could send (other than good wishes!) have your mommy & daddy post on your blog. We would love to send you some books or videos to while away the time while you are in the hospital or for you to enjoy at home.