Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mary's Special Visitors

Mary had a bit better day today than yesterday! She woke up this morning with a big smile and was feeling a bit better. Then she had an occupational therapy session with her OT, Mary Sue. They worked on some hand exercises and passing things from one hand to the other. Then Mary got a visit from her neighbor Katherine. Mary also got a special package all the way from Texas! It was from her friend Owen and it had some books in it. Mary was very excited to read them and look at all of the pictures! Mary's favorite word of the day today was "mama"! She kept saying it over and over. Lastly Mary had a special visit from some friends of the Carter Family Ministries. They came and sang special songs for Mary and brought mom and dad a home cooked dinner! It was very special, thank you guys very much! Here are some pictures from the visit:Now it sounds like her surgery will be postponed to Tuesday, but there is still a chance it will go on Monday. We should hear more tomorrow night, we will keep you all posted. Please keep up the prayers!
Ryan and Kate


Jan said...

We are so glad to hear that Mary is feeling better and we are praying that her surgery will be done soon! I know how hard it is to wait but we know Mary will really do well and get better quickly. Our love and prayers go out to you all but especially to precious Mary.
Love, Nell & Jan

Anonymous said...

Mary, keep up the good work, sweet girl! I love all of your pictures. Hopefully you can get your new tubie and be out of there soon! Lots of love from Kyle!

Grandma Julie said...

God bless the angels from Carter Family Ministries. I'm sure you enjoyed the home cooked meal! Keep up the good fight! Mary , you are a little dolly! Love Grandma and Grandpa

kellee_sheik said...

We are continuing to send many prayers your way! Thanks for keeping us posted! I hope she can have her surgery today and everything goes well.

Ryan, Kellee & Kaden

Aiden's mommy said...

Hoping that Mary's Surgery is today so that you do not have to keeping waiting around the hospital! Home is always the best place to relax, especially after a long hospital stay!
Dawn and Aiden

dhealy said...

Hi Ryan, Kate & Mary,

Just a note to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for the best possible outcome for your little doll!

How are you two doing? The stress of all you are going through must be tremendous - I know you would say you would do anything for Mary but you have to stay strong and healthy for her so hopefully you are taking good care of yourselves as well!

Diane Healy

Jan said...

It is Tuesday morning and you are all in my thoughts, especially precious Mary. We are praying that her surgery will be done today and you will all be back home soon. May God give you strength and comfort and we will keep sending your our love & prayers.
Love from Jan & Nell

ryanandkate said...

Everyone, thanks for all of the sweet notes on here. Mary's surgery went great!! I'll post an update in a few minutes!!


Denise Lewis said...

Hello There Guys,

I just heard the news from Kelly today. Of course my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I would love to come and visit if that is O.K. When you get a chance please let me knowwhen woudl be a good time. If I cna even help out by sitting with Mary for you guys to get a bite to eat I am there. But most important I can't wait to meet your darling little girl.