Friday, February 1, 2008

Mary Update

Well, we've been thinking for the last day or so that Mary was getting a little sick. Well tonight, her O2 saturation started to drop a little (only to 96) but we watch it so closely, and she is normally at 98-99, so we figured something was up. On top of that, her heart rate was up and she started running a slight fever. Well, we did another intense cough treatment on her tonight, and we got a lot of crud out of her and we were able to get her sats back up to 99. She got a chest X-ray, but we are still waiting on the results of that. Her flu and RSV test came back negative, so that is good! She is sleeping soundly now on her bi-pap and her numbers look good, not back to her baseline, but good. So we are going to continue to watch her very closely and increase her chest percussions and cough treatments to keep her lungs clear. If she does get sick, this will probably push her surgery back a few days, because we want her to be good and strong before attempting the surgery. Please keep up all of the prayers for her.


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Grandma Julie said...

Checking in before going to bed, and glad that you have updated. Sounds like you are taking all the necessary steps. Praying for Mary's parents to have the strength and patience. Absolute faith and hope in Mary's outcome, and thanking God for his care and love.