Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Angel!!!

Last night we got several inches of snow!! (OK, for you folks in Minnesota, maybe not several inches, but more like 2!!! So really not much to you!!) But for us here in Tennessee that is a BIG DEAL!!! Anyway, Mary really liked the snow! She went out with mommy when the big flakes were coming down and she squealed with delight!!! Here are a few pictures of Mary making Snow Angels. Supposedly there are some pictures of Kate when she was a little girl, that look a lot like this, if I can get my hands on them, I will post them here for all to enjoy!!!

Looks like fun, eh?
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Jane and Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace! Happy Birthday! You are the cutest snow angel we've ever seen! We hope you have a super birthday, and that our card got there in time! Tell you Mom and Dad not to forget to build you a snowman, and tell them and Sam and Copper and everybody else hi and give 'em our love!

Love, Jane and Bill

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mary! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. Caleb's present to you will be on it's way soon. Take care, love you.

Jo, Corey and Caleb

Jan said...

Dear Mary:
Special snow for a special little girl! I think it snowed in honor of your birthday. Happy 1st Birthday Mary - we hope you have a wonderful day!
Love from Jan, Nell & the Whitcher family

Amber said...

Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun. The smile on her face is so nice to see, you can tell she is really enjoying herself.

Grandma Julie said...

Happy Birthday Mary! We're so glad that you could make snow angels! Isn't that fun! Did the snow land on your eyelashes and your tongue? You look so cute all bundled up for winter. We hope your other Grandma and Grandpa got there. Love Grandma and Grandpa Nelson

Tina said...

Happy be-lated Birthday Mary!!!!
I hope you had a wonderful Birthday weekend! Your snow pictures are adorable.

Hugs headed your way from Chicago,
Tina and Ally