Monday, January 28, 2008

Mary is 11 months Old!!

Today is Mary's 11th month birthday!! She celebrated with Mommy and Daddy and her dogs, Copper and Sam. And, she spent the entire day in her pj's because she just wanted to relax all day - ok, Mommy did too! She had a wonderful chocolate caked made by Mommy and even opened some presents.

She also enjoyed chatting with her good friend Chilly Willy and topped off the day with a bath and her new towel her Grandma made - doesn't she look cute?
Please keep all of Mary's friends in your prayers. There are so many sick kiddos in the hospital right now and we pray every day they will get better and return home soon!!

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Jan said...

I was thinking about you yesterday & wishing you a happy day.
You look very cozy in your new towel and it was great to see all your pictures.