Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Trip to the Hospital!

Hey everyone, most of you have probably already heard, but Mary was admitted to the hospital again today. We went in this morning for a swallow study to be followed up by an appointment with her G-I doctor. Well, the swallow study didn't look so good, (she was aspirating her food into her airway) so her doctors recommended she stay in the hospital so we could feed her via an NG tube. (Which is a tube that goes down her nose and throat and into her tummy for feeding.) She is being evaluated tomorrow for a G-tube surgery, which is a tube that goes directly into her stomach for feeding, rather than down her nose.

Please keep her in your prayers and we will keep you all updated!!!

Ryan, Kate and Mary


Aiden's mommy said...

Hi, we've never talked before I stumbled onto your site. My is Dawn and I am mommy to Aiden is also SMA type 1. Thought that I would offer you some support, getting Aiden his g-tube was one of the best things we have done for him. It was scary, knowing that they were going to put him under and going an hour without hearing anything but in the end it was worth it. It was about 3 weeks after his surgery when he just couldn't take a bottle anymore. Hope you have an uneventful stay! Email if you ever want to chat Mary and Aiden are about the same age.
Dawn Bundy

Jan said...

Dear Mary, Kate & Ryan:
You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we will be checking back regularly on how everything is going.

Nell & Jan