Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Mary wanted to wish everyone Happy New Year!! Recently she has been enjoying reading books about the Star-bellied Sneeches, pictured above. She has also been working on learning the alphabet with Mommy. Mom reports that she actually said "momma" for the first time today! Since she has been saying "Daddy, dadda, daddy, dadda" for a few months now, Kate thinks it is about time for her to say mommy!!


Amber said...

Happy New Year to you too Mary!!

Jon and Amber

Jan said...

Happy New Year Nelson family from all your cousins here in Canada!
We wish you happiness and good health in 2008.
The Whitchers

MJ said...

Mary looks great! Thanks for the picture of Mary with her blanket. It is up on the website now. Big hugs and glad you are home!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, Kate and Mary,

You look so cute Mary. You are a doll!

Kat said...

Mary looks great with her MJ blanket, I love the ladybugs on it. And Kate, I know you have been waiting to hear that special little word that will forever melt your heart...way to go "mama!"

dhealy said...

I can't believe how much Mary looks like her aunt, Angie, in this picture. I'm so happy that everything is going well for you now!
Diane Healy

Grandma Julie said...

I love the yellow-bellied sneetches, don't you Mary? I love your hairdo's even more!