Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Rough Night

Well, last night was not such a great night. We had new RT's on last night and they weren't very responsive to Mary's home machine or her new mask. Ryan and I were very frustrated because they messed with her for almost two hours and she didn't go to sleep until midnight. We did intervene several times so Mary could calm down and rest. Tonight we will be the only ones putting on her mask and doing her coughs!!!

We are sad to say that Mary isn't feel so well today. She has a lot more secretions and is very junky. They are changing her antibiotics and we will be staying another day. Hopefully not too much longer and we'll be home.

Mary's grandparents are coming down to help out - she'll be glad to see them and I know they'll be glad to see her. Please continue to pray that she starts feeling better soon and we're able to be home by Christmas - if we aren't we'll bring it to her!!!



dhealy said...

Hi Ryan, Kate & Mary,

This blog is a great idea - I've been wondering how you all are doing and now we can all keep up with you and Mary's progress.
I'm sure hoping that you can be in your home for Christmas but, if not, I'm sure you will make a great celebration for Mary.
Wishing you a blessed Christmas and we will be thinking of you and praying for Mary!
Diane and Dennis Healy

Jennifer said...

You've sure got an amazing baby girl; thanks for sharing your experiences. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hal Schiffman said...

Hi Kate and Ryan

This is a season of miracles. Mary is one. I will pray that health is her blessing and your comfort.

I know you and Ryan will continue to be brave and strong. Mary is so lucky to have your love and determination.


MJ said...

Hi Ryan, Kate, and Mary:

I hope you have a great night and a knowledgable RT who can get you fixed up right away. We hope to hear you are going home soon. Big blanket hugs from MJ.