Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finally Home!!

We are finally home and boy does it feel good!! You can tell Mary is happy to be home too - she is all smiles and just looks so much more comfortable. She is continuing to need a lot of suctioning and cough treatments, but I guess that is just the nature of things right now. She's not eating as well as we'd like her to, but we are hoping it's just the medication and the fact she's not up to par yet.

Thank you for all the prayers and please continue to pray for her health and strength. We are looking forward to spending her first Christmas at home and also her 10 month birthday on the 28th - yeah!!

Ryan and I are exhuasted and are going to sleep as soon as Mary is down. Keep checking back for more updates!


1 comment:

Regan said...

YEAH!! I'm so glad to hear that Mary is home. I hope the comfort of home will have Mary (and you!!) feeling better with each passing day.

May you have a blessed Christmas and 2008!

Love~ Sal, Regan & Zachary