Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mary's Kid Kart

Here is a picture of Mary in her Brand New Kid Kart, with her trusty side-kick Sam right by her side! Mary just got the cart this afternoon thanks to the hard work of her mom! She is still getting used to it, but we think she will like it very much! It helps her sit up straight and TALL!!

Here Mary is helping mommy on the computer. Mommy is sending some e-mails and probably checking out cool websites like Sam is still trying to be the center of attention!!

Here you can see how much Mary enjoys being in her chair. She is spelling her name with a LeapFrog toy she got from her Grandma and Grandpa in Minnesota for Christmas. We really like this cart because it has a BIG, adjustable tray on which Mary can play with all of her toys!!


Grandma Julie said...

Mary we love the new chair and to see all your Christmas photos, mommy and daddy are doing a great job keeping us all informed and up to date on how you are doing. I can finally respond to your blog thanks to Uncle Ross. We love you and will see you soon. Grandma

Amber said...

I love the new chair that is awesome. She looks so happy in the pictures with a very cute smile on her face!!

Jon and Amber

Anonymous said...

Mary looks extremely happy!

Lots of kisses and hugs for Mary!

Eden's Mom
SMA1 6 months old

Bill said...

Mary looks like she is enjoying the new chair, and Sam is keeping a close eye on everything. We enjoyed our visit. Love Grandpa

reed.199 said...

Hi Mary!
I have a kid kart too- I LOVE it! But my mom says i am getting too big for it so now I am getting 2 new chairs soon. I hope your chair reclines and tilts like mine does. I can't sit straight up in my chair for very long like you are in your pictures. I have a harder time breathing like that. My mom reclines the seat all the way and then tilts it some for me. I use my tray to do the computer and play with my toys or do crafts too.

I love your christmas pictures! You are so cute!

Just wanted to say "hi" and I hope the new year brings us a CURE!

Your friend,