Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Mary is celebrating
her first Christmas today! She got to go to church last night, which was very nerve racking for mom and dad because of all the "germies" this time of year. Here is a picture from last night:

Isn't Mary's dress pretty?

We opened presents this morning and Mary
got lots of nice things from all of her friends
and relatives.

Sam even got in on some of the action, but it wore him out!!!


Amber said...

Very Cute and Merry Christmas to you both!!

Tell Mary we thought her dress was adorable.

Jon and Amber

Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas Nelsons! It looks like Mary enjoyed her first Christmas!!

Jan said...

Christmas blessing to all of you! Mary looked very beautiful in her holiday dress and we are all glad that she is home and getting better.

Love from the Whitcher family in Kingsville Ontario