Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mary's Broken Leg and a Trip to the Park!

We had a very unfortunate (to say the least) event happen this week. Mary went to see a special doctor about getting fitted for a body brace and some new AFO's (Ankle and Foot Orthotics) and while the doctor was "examining" her he hurt her leg very badly. We're not sure yet if it is broken, but we think it is and are taking all of the precautions. Here are some pictures of Mary's cute little cast:

Also, here is a crazy picture of Jackson, who loves being up-side-down! Mary loves it too!

Also, on Sunday it was almost 60 degrees here, so we took advantage of it by taking a walk up to the park in our neighborhood. Mary had a great time and loves to go on the slide and swing with mommy and daddy. Jackson wasn't as entertained!

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Grandma Julie said...

Mary, you look so cozy in your nice jammies and Jackson is funny upside down. I can almost hear him laughing. You lucky ducks, with the springlike weather. WE might actually get that kind of weather this weekend. We love you