Saturday, February 28, 2009


Wow, it really has been a few weeks since we've posted on Mary's Blog. Our apologies, we really have been busy. Well, we've had lots of good news in the past several weeks. First, we were planning to have Jackson's Kidney surgery immediately following Mary's birthday, since it would be during my spring break, and we would have family here to help out while Jackson was in the hospital recovering. Well, we got really good news about two weeks ago and found out that Jackson didn't have to get surgery!! Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord for fixing his kidneys!!!

Since Jackson didn't have to get surgery, we decided that with Family in town we would finally get him baptized. We asked Angie and Jason to be Jackson's God-parents, and it worked out perfect because Angie was able to be here for the baptism. Here are a few pictures from the Baptism this morning:

Mary and Jackson's Great-Grandma Eunice was able to visit as well, so we took the opportunity to take a picture spanning 4 generations!



Kate planned an amazing party and Mary had a great time! There was live music, and games, and prizes, and a balloon release, and all sorts of wonderful stuff.

Mary's friend Emily came to help Mary celebrate:

The grandmas:

Jackson and Aunt Angie:


Music Time!!

Mary getting ready to play "Pin the Ladybug on the Leaf"

Mary and her friend Emma:

Mary and Nicole:

Mary's friend Cooper:

The Ladybug cake:

Getting ready to blow out the candles:

Jackson had so much fun, he fell asleep:

Mary and her nurse, Michelle:

The birthday girl:

We are so Thankful to God that this day finally came, when we got Mary's diagnosis 18 months ago, the doctors told us she likely wouldn't see her second birthday. We didn't accept that and have done and will continue to do everything in our power to ensure Mary lives a full and happy life. We hope to see many more birthday's for Mary Grace! Thanks to all of you for all the love and prayers and support over the past two years!


jenandbrad said...

Wow! It looks like you had a GREAT birthday party - and Jackson had fun with his baptism!

We send all our love for your birthday - and agree with your Mom & Dad - you did an amazing job making it to 2 -- don't ever give up :-)

Great party, Mom!! We had lions, monkeys, elephants... we're big into jungle fever, but out mom loves the Lady Bug theme :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! We love the pictures. Ivy had a "ladybug" party when she turned 2. Sometime soon, I will bring Ivy for a visit. Your Grandma Windscheif will have to provide good directions. She helps me out a lot when I get lost, and it makes her laugh every time.
We love you, Mary!!
Susan & Ivy

Jessica Brito said...

Happy Birthday Mary! Ryan and Kate, you two are testimony and a witness to others who encounter tough times in their lives. You have embraced your challenges and with God's strength, you have perservered! Congrats to you Mommy & Daddy! Your always in my thoughts and prayers, Jessica Brito

Sky said...

what an amzing day, I Love ll the pictures, your kids are so cute... Miss Mary looks so great (love the lady bugs) Hugs Sheila and Sky

Jan said...

Mary it looks like you had a wonderful birthday! It was so nice to see all the pictures of your party and the baptism. We are so happy to hear that Jackson does not have to have surgery, what wonderful news! May God continue to bless you all.
Love from Jan, Nell and the Whitcher family

liz said...

Congratulations, Jackson!
BTW, Anna is STILL singing "Happy Birfee, Mary." :)