Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mary Gets to Promote Daddy!!!

On Monday, Mary got the honor of promoting her dad to Major. She was very excited about it and held on to the "oak leaf" all morning up until the big event. Mommy even taught Mary to say "Major Daddy"! Here is a picture of Mary "pinning on" (the Army uses velcro now) daddy's new rank:

Here are some pictures immediately following the promotion, can you see how proud Mary is?

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Grandma Julie said...

You all look so good! Mary, that was so good of you to pin your Dad as Major, I don't know who was more proud of who?

liz said...

congratulations, Major Dad!

jenandbrad said...

Congratulations to your Daddy! I'm sure he's very happy - and you did an amazing job pinning him! I think the whole family looks all lit up with smiles!