Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mary's Trip to the Mountains!!!

Hey everyone! I know its been a while since we've posted anything, so here are some pictures of our recent trip to Monterey, VA. We went to visit Jan and Cathy, who are our friends Wendy and Robert's parents. They have a great place that was very secluded in the mountains. It was great to get out of our toxic rental house and get some fresh air. Mary felt much better up there, even though mom was nervous about going over the 4 mountain ranges to get there.

Mary enjoyed picking flowers.
We went for a nice walk in the Big Valley and saw lots of cows, sheep, goats, deer and other animals.

Mary and Mom at the Confederate Breastworks on Shenandoah Mountain.
Check out Mary's cool new shades!
Mary and Dad enjoying the nice weather!Hope you all had a great week! We are finally getting moved into our new house this weekend (hopefully) this whole move has been such a mess.

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jen&brad said...

It looks like you had an enjoyable getaway - very beautiful! We hope the house situation works out this week -- and Mary gets lots of chances to use her new sunglasses this summer!! Kylie & Neela

Kimberly Rowe said...

Hey there guys. I love the pictures. I have been thinking about you guys. Please keep me posted on how things are going. I love reading Mary's blog. She looks great. K.Rowe

Jan said...

Dear Mary, Kate & Ryan:
It was so nice to see new pictures and get the update on all that has been going on. I did know some of what you all have been going through from Grandma Windscheif so you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad to hear that Mary is doing better and hope you are getting settled in your (second) new place.
Loved your video Mary! You are a natural media star and your mom did a good job too.
We will keep checking in and are hoping you have great weather for the May 10th event.
Love, Jan

Grandma Julie said...

Cute pictures! We love you! Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...


It was great to hear from you the other day. Please know that we continue to pray for Mary daily. I miss seeing her smiling face! I love the new pictures!

Jane and Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace!

We’re glad to hear that you got your Mom and Dad away from it all for a nice relaxing trip to the mountains – bet it was beautiful there! And we just knew you’d be putting some shades back on after your newfound media stardom – you have to do what you can to protect yourself from those pesky paparazzi and over-enthusiastic fans! We’re also glad to know that you’re getting into the new house, and hope the move went well. Tell your Mom & Dad, Sam & Copper, and your Grandma Martha (we heard from Bill’s Mom, Martha’s cousin Nellie, that she’s on her way back to see you!) hi from us, and give ‘em all our love!

Love, Jane and Bill