Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Praying for a Safe Extubation!

So the conditions are finally set for Mary to be extubated. This will probably happen around 10:00 this morning. Please lift Mary up in prayer and pray that everything goes smoothly during the procedure. For SMA patients the first 4 hours after extubation are the most critical. Kate and I are very nervous about the whole thing so please pray for our strength as well.

On another note, the pictures from all over the US have started to pour in! Thanks to everyone for sending them so quickly! Mary has enjoyed looking at them and didn't
T want to hang them all on her window, because she was to hold her favorite ones close to her! Isn't that sweet?

We will continue to update.


Grandma Julie said...

Christ in Mary, Christ above and below Mary, Christ to the right and the left of Mary. God, strengthen the hands today of all the health care people with Mary. God strengthen Kate and Ryan. Strengthen all of the minds and hearts. So be it!

Jane & Bill said...

Dear Mary - we are thinking of you, and your Mom & Dad, your Little Brother and the rest of the Family, and praying for you to get better and go home as soon as can be. Love, Jane & Bill