Friday, September 17, 2010

Mary Update and a Special Surprise!

Mary was successfully extubated at 11:00 am on Wednesday morning, she did very well during the extubation and was quickly put on room air via the ventilator (no supplemental O2). Since then, we have had a few rough nights, with Mary having a few mucus plugs in her upper airway and having desaturations down into the 60's (% O2). Again, this was a little scary for us, because it was very similar to what we were dealing with before Mary was hospitalized. The other problem we are now having is Mary not being able to maintain proper tidal volumes on the ventilator because of leakage, so basically the vent alarms every couple of minutes during the night. So none of us are getting much sleep. We were also moved to a smaller room in the PICU, which is the size of a sardine can, so we are always on top of each other.

On a positive note, we've received literally hundreds of cards and pictures from all over the world! We successfully filled all 3 windows in Mary's old room, and have since moved them all to the new room.

Mary also received a special gift from the Army Hockey Team (special thanks to Cadet Cody Ikkala). Mary got an autographed Army Hockey shirt and hockey stick along with the following video!

Mary thinks the video is awesome and shows it to everyone who comes into her room! I think she has watched it on her iPad over 100 times!

Thanks again for all of the prayers, letters, visits, food, and support!


Veronica's mom said...

That was just so sweet! Veronica would love seeing all those handsome guys! Lucky Mary! Get well soon!

miracleformadison said...

What a very nice surprise! We are still praying daily for you sweet Mary! RSV and psuedo are really tough ones to battle together.
Kate-I'm here and available if you need to chat about it.
Love & hugs!