Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Zoo!! (Blog Catch Up)

A few weeks ago, (before Mary went into the hospital) we took the kids to visit a nearby zoo. It was a little roadside zoo, called the Luray Zoo (in Luray, VA). It was a little scary, but it had some pretty cool animals and you could get VERY close to them, so that was neat for the kids.
This is the sign as you enter the zoo!

Getting ready to go in:

This zoo had one of the most impressive reptile collections I've ever seen! The snakes we all very active (must have been feeding time), usually you see snakes just coiled up in the corner. Mary liked the snakes!

Yes, they ACTUALLY has a Domestic House Cat on display! We thought this was HILARIOUS!

Here was their other cat:

It was a huge Bengal Tiger. Mary thought it was the coolest. When it would go into it's cage, Mary would say: "Tiger, where are you????"

Kate being silly:

Kate, Mary and Jackson:

Mary says 'hi' to a little goat.

When Mary saw the donkey, she said "Hi Eeyore!"

Mary also LOVED the porcupine. (I think she watches too much "My Friends Tigger and Pooh"!!!

Jackson feeling right at home with the Monkeys!!!

Getting ready to leave, everyone had a good time!!

Mary looking cool in her shades! When we got back out to the parking lot she said, "Dadda, I want to go home"


Sky said...

what wonderful pictures, the kids and you all look great!!! what a fun day :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Nelson Family, It looks like you had a great day at the zoo. The challenges you face each day, I admire, but I remember you are parents and parents will do everything to the ends of the earth for their children. I know because I would do the same. Remember the Good Lord is always there for ALL OF US. Praise HIM at all times. I have your family in my prayer list.
Cindy and Tom Frensko

Grandma Julie said...

What a great day you had! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Praying for your continued health Mary and thankful for Jackson's continued healing. God goes where we can not see and he is not bound by time. We Love you Grandma and Grandpa

liz said...

A-hem, that is NOT the donkey's name ;)