Friday, March 20, 2009

Mary Home from Hospital!!

Mary is home from the hospital and doing much better! Sorry it took so long to post this, we actually came home Saturday night, we've just been extremely busy with school and preparing for our move since then.
Mary was very excited to get home to Jackson and Sam. She kept asking in the hospital, "can I pleeeeeease go home dada? pleeeeease?" It was so heartbreaking to tell her no, we had to stay one more night. Finally on Saturday we decided that she was doing well enough to come home and that we could manage it from home. We've continued to do chest PT treatments on her around the clock, but we've been able to extend the time between them, from every 3 hours, to every four, and now we are down to just 4-5 treatments a day. It was just so hard to wake Mary up in the middle of the night and do a treatment on her, she would look at you like, "why are you waking me up, I was sleeping SO good!"
Another bit of exciting news, we were able to get a loaner "chest-vest" from the Manufacturer to use at home for Mary. We've been trying to get this for a long time, but it has been denied by insurance. We are in the process of appealing it, but since we used it in the hospital, Kate called the company and asked to borrow one and they said "OK". Mary is starting to get used to it, it is a little scary at first, but it works really well for her. It is hard to believe that such a simple machine costs over $15,000!!!

Anyway, we are all glad to be home. Especially Mary! Here is a picture of her after her bath the day after we got home:

Just look at that smile!!


Sky said...

Im so glad you are all home, and that picture of little Miss mary is just too cute!!! Big Hugs from Sky and I

Grandma Julie said...

BEAUTIFUL! And thanks be to God for wrapping His love around Mary and around your family.

Jan said...

Dear Mary: How wonderful that you are back home & doing so well. We loved seeing your picture with your big smile!!!! We are all sending hugs & kisses & lots of love to you.

Jan & Nell

Samantha said...

I am so happy to hear that she is home and doing well. I prayed for her every day since I read she was in the hospital. What a sweet, sweet picture...