Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mary's New Stander

Here are some pictures of Mary in her new stander! She even chased Sam to the end of the street today and was smiling the whole way! She is doing much better than her ambulance ride and ER visit yesterday - lets pray it stays that way!

We woke up to a light dusting of snow and then we had flurries in the afternoon - winter is arriving!

Hope everyone had a good day!

Kate, Ryan, Mary and Jackson


Grandma Julie said...

Wow,Mary! What a great stander. I didn't know you had chosen the color pink to put on your stander. It looks good. I didn't know you took another ride in the ambulance. Thanks be to God that you feel much better now. Thankful that you got the help that you needed quickly. We love you and your baby brother. Grandma and Grandpa

jenandbrad said...

Hi Mary! You look great in your stander! We're sure you're enjoying the mobility, too! It's scary you had to ride in the ambulance again - we agree with Grandma Julie that we're happy you are better now. Happy Turkey Day!

Love, K&N