Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mary at Camp Holiday Trails

Today was a beautiful fall day! 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. . . and Mary got to go to day camp! It was a wonderful experience! Camp Holiday Trails is a camp for children with chronic illnesses located here in Charlottesville. It has been operating for 35 years! And it is absolutely beautiful!! Mary had a wonderful time at the camp. She played with all the other children and she even got to ride a horse!!! (Mommy was SUPER excited about that too!!) Mary had a super good time, but it really wore her out. I the ride home she was so tired she was asking for her Bipap.
Here are some pictures from the day! Enjoy. . .

P.S. Her horse's name was patchy and he was the oldest horse there. . . he was 34 years old!!!


Vierna said...

This is way cool! Wow! Mary, you get to go EVERYWHERE! You are SO lucky! And to ride a horse! Back at home we have many horses but Im a bit scared of them to actually try riding them... So now I know you can be around to show me! :)
Hugs!!! We always think of you!
Viv, Mark & Deedee

Grandma Julie said...

What a glorious weekend for all of you! You go to ride a horse! I bet you giggled. I bet you made your horse sound. I bet mommy wishes she could of got up on that horse too. You and Jackson were soo cute in your Halloween costumes. did you have fun carving the pumpkin? Our prayers for you and Jackson and your Mommy and Daddy. Love Grandma and Grandpa N

jenandbrad said...

WOW! You guys have been very busy - and we haven't looked at your blog lately! You looked very good together as Tigger & Pooh... an idea for us for next year?? We are glad you enjoyed camp - it looks like a lot of fun! Love, Kylie & Neela