Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Mary had a great Easter! She had a visit from her cousins Reagan and Alexander, their dog Bailey and parents, Ross and Jenn. I'm attaching some pictures from the visit.
Getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt!!

Mary found an Egg!

Putting an egg in the basket!!

Decorating Eggs!!

All dressed up for church!!


Grandma Julie said...

Three precious grandchildren! We love you all! Mary, you had so much fun with your cousins. You did an fantastic job coloring the Easter eggs. You were all so beautiful for Easter morning church. Grandma and Grandpa Nelson

Rebecca said...

Happy Easter Mary!!! It looks like you had a great day visiting with your cousins. I hope you found all of the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. You looked very pretty in your Easter dress.
Love and hugs,

Jane and Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace!

Glad to see you had a fun Easter with your cousins and the rest of your family. You look very spiffy decked out in the bunny ears – we think we’d like to get ourselves some! And you know what – we think your Daddy should have got himself a pair so that you and he could have a picture of the both of you wearing bunny ears, just like the picture of the both of you wearing those shades. (Oh, and by the way, upon a few days’ reflection, we have decided that you do indeed look a "shade" cooler in that picture than your Dad – sorry Ryan!) Take care, Sweetie, and say hi from us to your Mom and Dad and Sam and Copper and everybody else!

Love, Jane and Bill

Amber said...

Mary you look very adorable in your Easter dress and you also look like you are having fun with your cousins. Happy Easter!

Jan said...

Dear Mary:
Looks like you had a really fun Easter and the Easter Bunny left lots of pretty eggs for you to find. Loved the bunny ears!!

Hope you are having nice spring weather. Love to you and your mommy & daddy too.
Love, Jan

Brenda Allen said...

Hi Mary,

You just get more adorable every time I see a new picture of you. I'm so glad you had such a happy Easter. You look like you are the boss at your house with those cool glasses. I think Spring time is here to stay now so you can go for more walks with Mommy and Daddy. Stop by and see Kendall and Skyla one day.
We love you,