Friday, March 14, 2008

Wonderful Weather!

Sorry that this is the first update in a while, we have been VERY busy. I wanted to catch up on sharing some pictures.
This picture is of a hiking trip we did on the Ashland City, TN greenway. It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees and sunny! Mary had a really good time.
Here Mary is just hanging out with Dad wearing Mommy's sunglasses, looking cool! (Mary, not dad)
A few days later, we got about 6 inches of snow overnight. Mary and Sam went out to play with the neighbor kids who were building a snow fort. Here our neighbor Joey is holding Mary. How do you like the look she is giving him??
Sam really enjoyed eating the snow!!

As you can see, both Mary and Sam had a really good time!!

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Michele said...

What great pictures! Pictures showing true TN weather within a span of just a few days! Mary is a cutie. Praying daily and looking forward to May 10.

Keith, Michele, and Elizabeth Graves

Grandma Julie said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks for having your Mom put more pictures on. Looks like you'be been having a great time. Ask your neighbor, Joey if you can have an outfit likes his. Praying always! Grandma and Grandpa

Amber said...

How exciting to get that much snow in TN. Mary looks like a very happy little girl right now.

Jon & AMber

Jan said...

Dear Mary:
We have the same kind of weather here in south eastern Canada - spring one day & winter the next!
Last weekend we had over a foot of snow with a lot of wind so we are anxiously awaiting spring. It was great to see you outside enjoying both kinds of weather. Lots of love to you and your mom & dad too.
Love, Jan

Jane and Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace!

Wow, have you guys got some crazy weather! But you look like you stayed real cool during all of it -in fact, we're not sure who looked cooler in those shades - you or your Dad! And those were great pix of you and your Mom, and Sam, too! Well, take care Sweetie, and give our love to your folks and Sam and Copper and everybody else!

Love, Jane & Bill

Rebecca said...

Hi Mary!

Looks like you had a blast in the snow! It sure is great being able to share in your fun through all of your pictures!