Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mary's Homecoming! (Cinco de Mayo)

I just had to post this video of Mary's coming home from the hospital, apologize in advance for the length (4 minutes)...  Last time we came home, Jackson was SO excited, he jumped up & down for about 10 minutes, he didn't bounce quite as much this time, but it is still a pretty cute reaction!!


Anonymous said...

so great you are home and love the video jackson looked so happy to see you all and mary is so smart ..sending love and hugs from christina altman and gabbie and gavin

Jason & Monica said...

Oh my goodness! I loved this :') Don't apologize for the length, I loved every minute of it! Jackson is such a cutie & you can see how much he loves his sister :) And hearing Mary talk just made my week!!! So happy you guys are home, we pray for Mary every night! Love you guys ~ The Shofners