Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mary Returns to School!!!

So Mary started back to pre-school for the 3rd year in a row!! Yes, she is absolutely ready for Kindergarten, but since she isn't 5, she gets another year of pre-K. I think Mary could probably teach the class!! This picture is actually of Jackson's first day of preschool, but it was so cute, I couldn't resist posting it!!
A picture of Mary with her class out of the Nature Observation Deck!
Mary and her friend Aoife!
Mary doing some fishing for letters during OT out on the playground...
Mary is the new JennSwing with Aoife pushing her!
Mary riding on the school bus at the new playground, she loves it!
Driving the bus!!

One very happy girl!!!!


KMC said...

I love seeing the pictures of her at school...and I love seeing her playing on the equipment even more!

Grandma Julie said...

Mary, we're so glad that you love school so much! You have fun with your friends. Jackson loves school too.

Wjwind said...

This is great that Mary enjoys school. She looks very happy. The pictures are great. PaPa