Monday, February 28, 2011

Mary Turns 4!!!!

Today our little miracle girl turned 4 years old!!  We are so proud of all of her accomplishments and look forward to all of the amazing things that Mary will do in her lifetime. 
Mary had a Dragonfly party (sticking with the bug theme. . . butterflies, age 1, ladybugs, age 2, bees, age 3) and she was lucky enough to have lots of family and friend there to help her celebrate.

Mary's Great Grandma Dorothy and Grandmother Julie flew in from Minnesota, and her Grandpa Bill and Grandma Martha drove in from Michigan. Of course her favorite Great Aunt Danielle "Nellie" came up from NYC as well!

 Mary also got a special surprise of her Grandma Martha playing "Happy Birthday to You" on her violin during her party.  You should have seen Mary and all the other kids faces light up when she started playing! (I didn't get any pictures of that)

It was a great weekend and Mary really enjoyed having all of her friends over for the party and having family in town.  It culminated today when see shared cupcakes with her class at school.  After that, she took a well deserved 2-hour nap!


Sky said...

Happy Birthday Mary!!!! love the dragonflies, very cool

liz said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!
Love, Anna & Liz, Dan & Toby

Grandma Julie said...

Mary had a great party and we were glad to be there for it.