Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mary home and doing well!

Hi everybody!! I am so sorry for not updating Mary's blog! Mary was able to come home from the hospital a few days before Christmas! We have been home and she has been doing ok. We didn't even realize the blog still said she was in the hospital until Mary's teacher was surprised to see her in school on Monday!
Mary is still fighting this cold and has a lot of secretions at night, basically we have to suction her every 30 minutes to one hour throughout the night, so we don't get much sleep.
Please pray that everyone continues to stay healthy!

Thanks to everyone for the Christmas cards and well wishes while we were in the hospital!


connie said...

Sometimes a lot of secretions goes along with seizures. Sometimes RSV ran across our minds, and the tests would be negative ... then it would go away ... and come back. eventually we realized it was a sign of some of our daughter's seizures. Just was thinking after I read your post before this one (Dec 2010 post).

Jane & Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace! We are so glad to know that you got better and home in time to have Christmas there - hope you got some nice presents. And thanks to you and your Mom & Dad and Little Bro for the neat card you sent us! And we hope you have continued to feel better, and perhaps that secretions problem has maybe got a little better too? We also heard that your Mom’s getting ready to run a special race to help raise some money to find a cure for SMA – you must be very proud of her! And now tomorrow’s another birthday for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweetheart! We hope you have a very special day! Love, Jane & Bill

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all.