Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mary's Trip to the Museum of Natural History

A few weeks ago, Mary was able to visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  A special thanks goes to Mary's great aunt Danielle who was able to hook us up with a special VIP tour.  Mary had a blast and we got to see SO many neat things.  She especially enjoyed the walrus and the brontosaurus.  Since the visit, Mary has watched Night at the Museum like 20 times!!! In fact, she is watching it as I type this!!
Thanks to all who made this trip possible, especially, Danielle, and Jackson's babysitter, Diana.

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Jane & Bill said...

Hi Mary Grace!
You got to go to the Museum of Natural History in NYC! Whoa – that is waaaayyyy cool! We can see from the pictures how much fun it must have been! Glad to know you like “Night at the Museum” too – we saw it, too and it is fun, isn’t it? And we happen to know that a certain little girl (her initials are MGN) turns 3 ½ tomorrow – HAPPY 3rd and 1/2 BIRTHDAY MARY!!! Love, Jane and Bill!

Grandma Julie said...

Praying for you always. Enjoyed your pictues of the museum.Love you Grandma and Grandpa

CCHSKID said...

Mary is adorable, and it looks like she had an amazing time at the museum!

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Take care,