Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mary Turns two and half!!!!

We all celebrated a huge milestone this weekend as Mary turned 2and 1/2!! Mommy made her this wonderful cake:

And Mary enjoyed blowing out the candles!

For her birthday, Mary got to go to the PX and pick out anything she wanted. She insisted on getting the purple baby pictured here, that she promptly named Jackson. . .

She loves to feed the baby and take care of it just like a really mommy.

Jackson got to eat some of Mary's cake too!!

Mary also got an Army cheerleader uniform from daddy, which she is very excited to wear for the first Army football game!!

Overall, it was a great day and we were really excited to see Mary turn two and a half!!

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Grandma Julie said...

Happy 2 1/2 Mary! Grandma loves your new cheerleading outfit. You had a very nice cake! Hope to see you soon.