Monday, June 1, 2009

Backyard Bar-b-q and a trip to the Zoo!

We enjoyed another weekend of beautiful weather her in New York, (it was actually a little bit on the cool side) so we spent lots of time outside. Last night we grilled out in our new backyard and the kids had an absolute blast eating and playing outside. Mary asks to go outside and lay on the lawn chairs pretty much everyday, she just loves being in the backyard and playing. Then today, we went to a little zoo that is at Bear Mountain State Park about 6 miles from our house. The zoo wasn't that great, but it was a very nice day and a good adventure in nature. Here are some pictures from the weekend, enjoy:

(Don't ask me how I got Sam to smile!)


Grandma Julie said...

They're having a kid picture contest at work. I think, Mary that your brother could win the cheesiest smile category. The one where he is turned around. Glad you are enjoying the outdoors!

Diane said...

A thank you note to all you Nelsons!! I just love to keep up with all of you through your blogs - thanks for getting started again.

Jan said...

Glad to hear the move went smoothly. Looks like everyone is enjoying the new house! It was great to see all the pictures and catch up on all the Nelson news.
It is very cool here too and are hoping that "real" summer weather is on the way!

Love from Jan & the Whitcher family

Jamie said...

The kids have gotten so big. They are both so precious! Hope you guys are adjusting well to the new home.

nathaniel said...

Dear Kate,Ryan,Mary,Jackson,and Sam.
My parents and I love the photos that you took. I hope everything is going well and we will talk to you soon

ps. That pic of Sam smiling is funny
-Nathaniel Karen and Doug