Monday, April 27, 2009

The Center for Courageous Kids

Well as many of you know, Mary got to go to camp last weekend. She had such a great time and this camp was such an amazing place. Here are some pictures from the weekend. I think Mary's favorite part of camp was the bunkbeds, or as Mary calls them, the "dunk-beds". Every night, Mary asks if she can go take a nap in the "dunk-bed". We have to explain to her that she doesn't have a bunkbed in her room, and they are just at camp. Then she asks if she can go back to camp. I have a feeling I will be buying a "dunk-bed" in the near future. . .

Here are some pictures from the weekend (we took about 250!):

Mary arrives at camp and is greeted by MJ!

Jackson in the "dunk-bed"

Mary on the first night of camp, very excited!

Mary sharing an ice cream cone with mommy!

Getting ready to race her friend Conner!

Mary bowling on her first night, her other favorite activity!

Look at the concentration!

We found a frog that night too!

Mary hanging out with the girls. . .

Drawing an Elmo picture with mommy!

Painting a dog with daddy!

Waiting to ride horses . . . (does Jackson look bored??)

Mary loved the horses!!

Saying "thank you" to her horse, "Mac"

Mommy and Mary after the horse riding

Getting ready for a manicure. . .

Mary wanted to give daddy a "man"icure!

Warming up after a swim. . . .

The whole family!

Getting ready to go home!

Signing the poster. . .

One more bowling game before we leave


Grandma Julie said...

What an awesome time! The horse ride must bring alot of memories to your mom, Mary! I think your dad should always get a "man"icure. Glad you had a great camp experience. Love you Grandma and Grandpa N.

Kimberley said...

Oh my goodness...Love the pics! Looks like you had such a great time! The pics of the horses brought a tear to my eye. I guess I don't spend a lot of time thinking about "home", but I grew up with horses and always dreamed of sharing that experience with my own children! I'm so glad that Mary got to go horseback riding, she's shown me that there really isn't anything our children cannot do, they just have to do things differently!! Thanks Mary!!! Love Kim

Amber said...

Lots of fun pictures!! Thanks for sharing all the fun times, Mary looks like she really had a good time! Take care!!

The Healy's

Victoria Strong said...

This is so, so wonderful. I loved seeing the pictures and hearing about all the fun things Mary got to do at camp. Is this the first time you guys went?

jenandbrad said...

Looks like so much fun!! I think Mommy & Daddy need to get us out to try bowling, horse back riding, and all the other fun stuff you did!! They are looking for a new house now - so maybe we can get "dunk beds" there... but who gets the top will probably be a fight!

Kylie & Neela

Jan said...

Wow Mary, you have been very busy! Looks like you had a wonderful time a camp and also on all the trips you have been taking with Mommy & Daddy & Jackson.
Thank you for sharing your adventures with us and we love seeing all the pictures.

Love from the Jan & the Whitcher family

Kellee said...

It looks like you had such a great time! I am seriously jealous that Mary got to ride horses! I too grew up with horses and miss it so much! Mary would probably beat me at bowling too...

Take care.


Kellee Sheik (Ryan & Kaden too :)