Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mary's New Tutu!!!

Mary had a visit for her birthday from her Aunt Angie, who just returned from Iraq about 3 weeks ago and her Uncle Jason. They gave Mary a Ballerina Tutu and Crown and magic wand for her birthday. Well, it just so happens that Mary's absolute favorite book that her mommy reads to her every night before she goes to bed is the book "Just the Way You Are" with Elmo and Zoe.

Mary calls it her "Tutu Book". So needless to say, she LOVED getting her Tutu. She hasn't taken it off since she got it. You can see this in the pictures below:


Kimberley said...

She's adoreable! I love the tutu! I also love your "what is Mary sleeping with this week". Too funny. Our daughter sleeps with a stuffed bunny that she was given at six months of age. It used to be just big enough to hold her upper arm off of her chest. Then she got bigger and we tried to transition her to a bigger stuffy, a bear. Now she sleeps with bear and BunBun!! Bear is starting to get too small. I wonder who we'll add next!!

Nina said...

Love the Tutu and tiara. Lizzy as you know likes "Fu fu and Bling: Too.
Right now she is in to blue jean skirts and cool panty hose EVERY DAY. She says pants are itchy. LOL Very much a "girly girl"

Have a Healthy Happy New Year!!

Grandma Julie said...

Mary, you like so cute in your tutu. You and Jackson had fun with your aunt and uncle! You really make me laugh! Love Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

We love your tutu! Remember how many times I read the book to you? Now you can be Zoe! We'll have to get Jackson an Elmo suit!
Love, G'ma and G'pa W.

Mary said...

GREAT pics Kate!! So Mary's a girly-girl like Jenna, huh? How cute!! Hope the kids are doing well! Hugs! Mary

jenandbrad said...

Wow! Mary - you look great! Mommy & Daddy haven't read us many books about princesses or tutus, but we think they might have to start! We are glad your Aunt Angie is home safe - we liked to send her pictures while she was in Iraq :-) Happy New Year! Kylie & Neela