Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre Christmas Pictures

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! I know we'll have tons of photos to post after Christmas so I figured I would catch up on these before the big day. We've had grandparents and cousins visiting so lots of excitement. Here goes!

Well a few days ago, Mary's friend Anna had her second Birthday. She came over to open the present that Mary gave her. Mary was very excited to see Anna open it.

Jackson is learning to sit up on his own now and doing quite well, but I think he will stand before he sits and walk before he crawls!

Jackson, like Mary, absolutely loves Sam! (I think the feeling is mutual!)

A picture of Jackson sitting. . .

Jackson with Grandpa Bill. . . do you think they look alike?? hmmm. . ...

Mary made Christmas cookies and took them to the rescue squad with Grandma and Grandpa!

Mary absolutely loved playing with her cousin Billy! They were SO cute together. Here Mary is showing Billy how to use the gear toy.

Here Mary and Billy are playing with Puzzles. . .

Billy is reading Mary a Tigger story!

Now Mary is telling Billy about Trucks!!!

Just a cute picture of Mary telling daddy something. . .

Have a great Christmas!!


Grandma Julie said...

HAPPY 22nd month BIRTHDAY You will have to show us some pictures of that special occasion. Did you have a cake? You have had so much going on-lots of fun! Hi to your baby brother-he is not staying a baby for very long Love Grandma and Grandpa N

liz said...

Anna LOVES her present and we were all impressed with Mary's counting the days on her Advent calendar!