Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Many of you reading this blog know that Kate, Mary, Jackson, and I had a very scary event happen to us on Sunday. After having a nice lunch with some friends of ours in the downtown mall in Charlottesville, we were walking back to our car and Mary stopped breathing in the stroller. Luckily, thanks to our quick response and the help of lots of people nearby, we got Mary cleared out and breathing again. The ambulance was there almost immediately and Mary was in the ER within minutes. We were back home the same night and Mary is doing fine.

After something like this happens it makes you sit back and think of all the things we have to be thankful for. Here is a small list and some pictures of all the things I am thankful for:
-two wonderful kids
-a loving wife
-great family and friends who pray for us all the time
-our nurse who told us to always carry the "ambu bag" in the stroller with us when we go out
-the people on the street who called 911 and rushed to help us in our time of need
-ambulance crews/first responders/and emergency personnel
-our doctors and nurses (too many to mention by name!)
-the soldiers fighting overseas for our freedom
-The Lord our Father

Hope you enjoy the pictures. . . .


Sky said...

every min of each and every day are priceless! Im so glad Mary was and is ok!! hug those little ones and give them a kiss from Sky and I Sheila

Jan said...

So glad to hear that Mary is back home and doing well. It's funny you should post about things to be thankful for because I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself. Then I remember all that you had been through and decided to check the blog. Thanks for the reminder about the things that are truly precious. Love to all.
Jan & the Whitcher family

liz said...

Thank you for inviting us to your blog. Do you know what A said when she saw the picture?...

So glad we're friends :)

CureSMA4Stella said...

Happy 19 month birthday, Miss Mary!!! We love you and your family so much and are glad you are doing better after your scary incident. Sometimes they are a blessing in disguise to show us how to best take care of our SMA kiddos . . . we seem to learn something new every time and praise God for holding these girls in the palm of His hand. Much love from Iowa,
Sarah and Stella www.caringbridge.org/visit/stellaturnbullturnbull

jenandbrad said...

Hi Mary! We LOVE the pictures of you and your brother - and we are very happy to hear you are home safe! Tell your Daddy our Mommy is thinking of blessings every day - especially after every black eye Neela gets :-) Love, Kylie & Neela

princessmadiro said...

Madi and I were just checking in on you. We lvoe all the pics and video of you driving. Way to go MARY!
But hey- STOP scaring your parents. They know how precious you are.
We are so thankful for every day.
Sending our love and HUGS!
Annette and Madison Reed