Monday, June 9, 2008

Aunt Angie Visits From Iraq!!!

Mary had a very special visitor this past weekend. Her Aunt Angie got to visit her while she was home on her R&R from Iraq. Angie and Jason were in Washington DC on some business, and since we are only 2 hours down the road they drove down to visit for a few days. Mary took to Angie very quickly. It was a great visit and great to see them.

Mary loves to help out with the cooking in the kitchen!!

Mary having a conversation with her Aunt Angie as Uncle Jason watches in the background.

We are also working very hard to get Mary fitted for a stander. Mary loves to be in the stander and loves to chase mom and dad up and down the halls!! You can really see how tall she is getting when she is standing!


Grandma Julie said...

It is fun to see your stander and how tall you really are. You have fun chasing people in your stander, don't you. We had Aunt Angie and Uncle Jason at our house also-cool,huh! Can't wait to come and see you in a few weeks. Praying for you and your brother and mom and dad. Grandma and Grandpa

Jan said...

Dear Mary, Kate & Ryan:
It's been awhile since I posted but I have been reading the blog and enjoy seeing the pictures of Mary doing so many new things! I am so glad that you are settled in your new home and that Mary has been so busy with new activities and special visitors. You are always in our thoughts!
Love, Jan & the rest of the Whitcher clan

StellasMommy said...

Mary looks so great, Kate!!!!!
So glad she's enjoying so many things. It's nice when they get to this age because they start to show off that personality we all want to see. Glad you guys are doing well and I'm sure you are about to start counting down the days to the delivery date!!!! I need to talk to you about the CBR banking again to see if you guys got yours all squared away . . . I think I need to call them!!
Hugs from Iowa,
Sarah and Stella

jen&brad said...

WOW! Mary, you are doing awesome! We're glad you got to visit with Aunt Angie (our Aunt Angie moved into our basement last weekend!). We also love your swimsuit - we have matching ones (the EXACT same suit!) our Grandma & Grandpa Estochen bought for us! Keep working with your stander - we know you'll pass us up in no time flat!

Kylie & Neela

Amber said...

She is getting very big!! How nice that her aunt angie was able to visit.