Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcome to Virginia!!

Hey everyone, we wanted to update the blog with some pictures of Mary playing in her new house. Mary is doing much better now and we are finally getting settled in. Mary is developing quite a personality, and she like to imitate everything that mommy and daddy do. She is making lots more sounds, and likes to tell you "what sounds monkeys and ducks make"

Mary is quite the musician on her triangle.

Relaxing after a concert!

She also likes to play the drums.

Here Mary is playing her triangle and her drum.

Sitting in mommy's lap.

Sitting in Grandma's lap.

Doing a puzzle in her kid kart.

Playing in her kid kart.

Mary has become quite a little artist.

Here she is showing off some of her artwork.

Daddy and Mary relaxing on the couch.
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Grandma Julie said...

What beautiful art work, Mary! I can't wait to get to your house to hear you play more music. We love you, Grandma and Grandpa

jen&brad said...

Hi Mary! We love to talk about cows and puppies, and "buzzing" bees :) Mom will have to teach us about monkeys and ducks! We are glad you are making music and drawing pictures - we enjoy that, too! Love, Kylie & Neela (and Brad & Jen)

Bug said...

mary is just a doll. Im so glad yo uguys got moved and settled. I just love her drawings, her and Sky would have so much fun drawing together. Big Hugs Shiela

Jan said...

Dear Mary: You are quite a musician and an artist! We were so impressed with your video. Your Grandma Windscheif told us that you have amazing musical talent (runs in the family!) and it was wonderful to hear it for ourselves. It's great to see you in you new home and it looks like you are having fun using your new sling.
We will keep checking back for more concerts!
Love from the Whitchers and Nellie

Jane and Bill said...

Hello Mary Grace!

We were very impressed with the musical and artistic talents you displayed in your latest video and the new pictures. A video/movie star, musician and artist – we think you’re ready for your own variety show! Lookin’ and soundin' good!

We hope you continue to do well and are enjoying your new home in Virginia, and that your Mom and Dad, and your buddies Sam and Copper are all doing well – and it looks like you were having a nice visit with your Grandma Martha! Tell ‘em all hi from us, and be good! Oh and keep the pix and videos coming so we can keep up with you all!

Love, Jane and Bill

Anonymous said...

kiss that baby girl for me. she is so precious! love the pictures. Terri Beth